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Dr Pepper Ballpark

Since its opening in 2003, Dr Pepper Ballpark has won awards and garnered praise for its unique design, feel, and numerous facilities. In his design, park architect David M. Schwarz desired the creation of a village-like "park within a ballpark".  Dr Pepper Ballpark received the 2003 Texas Construction award for Best Architectural Design and was named the best new ballpark in the country by  Many have applauded its similarities to Churchill Downs in Kentucky.

The seating area is populated by just under 

8,000 open-air fold-down stadium seats. 

Combined with general admission for standing 

room-only and grass berm seating, the stadium 

can hold a capacity crowd of over 11,000. 

The concourse area, between the pavilions 

and the seating area, wraps completely around 

the ballpark. Critics have commented positively 

on the 360 degree views afforded by this 

construction choice. 





The U.S. Census recently named Frisco the fastest growing city in the United States.  Reaching more than 110,000 in population, the City has grown 247% since the year 2000.  While the population growth has been explosive, resident growth is not the only things booming – Frisco’s business community is thriving and expanding. Frisco also boasts the self-proclaimed title as the sports capitol of Texas.  With the new Dallas Cowboys Headquarters and training facility in addition to the Frisco Rough Riders, Texas Legends, FC Dallas, FCS National Championship football game, and now the Frisco College Baseball Classic, the self-proclamation is difficult to dispute. named Frisco at a Top 10 Best Places
to Relocate and Money Magazine listed Frisco 
as a Top 100 Best Places to Live. 

Frisco, Texas

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